People more likely to see live theatre after Hamilton streams on Disney+

Lin-Manuel Miranda is Alexander Hamilton and Leslie Odom, Jr. is Aaron Burr

People are more likely to see live theatre as a result of streamed performances, a study has revealed.

The release of Hamilton on Disney+ has seen an increase in people wanting to watch the show in the room where it happens (Sorry!).


The concern that streaming theatre online could decrease ticket sales seems to be unfounded.

TodayTix carried out a survey which showed that people are more than twice as likely to want to buy tickets than not after watching Hamilton on Disney+.

Almost 2 out of 5 people (39%) asked said they were now more likely to see the show live compared to just 1 in 7 (15%) being less likely. The remaining 46%’s desire to buy a ticket remained unchanged.

The survey also revealed that theatre fans hope to see more streamed productions even when venues are able to reopen following the pandemic.

The ongoing lockdown has seen many shows stream online to reach audiences and that’s something that 78% hope continues.

Plus, the vast majority – 72% – said they’d happily pay to watch streamed shows even with theatres open.

Alongside Disney+, Netflix, BroadwayHD and Broadway On Demand all currently offer a range of musicals and plays to stream.

Picture: Disney

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