New musical Black Widows to release concept cast album

black widows musical

New musical Black Widows is to release a concept cast album.

Written by Natalia Lewis, Jack Millier and Elin Miles, the new work has been created with an aim to raise awareness of domestic violence and the support available.


A teaser reads: "Black Widows is a brand new musical, unlike anything you’ve seen and heard before: raw, immersive, powerful - as funny as it is evocative.

"This dark comedy musical aims to go beyond the call of entertaining audiences and instead seeks to empower women all across the U.K. to start the fight back against the epidemic within the pandemic: domestic abuse."

The cast for the concept album is made up of Kody Mortimer as The Prison Guard/The Husband, Melanie Bright as Suzette Labouche, Lois Morgan Gay as Polly Barton, Joely Barbour as Camilla Cologne and Amelia Treble as Trixie Talltower and Becca Sharp as Jane Down.

The album will be released on 13 December.

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