The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical concept album released by Barlow & Bear

Bridgerton Musical concept album

Composers Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear have turned their viral music sensation into a full-fledged concept album, The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical.

Barlow & Bear racked up millions of views online with their original songs inspired on the hit Netflix series.


Since first being shared on TikTok at the start of January, the pair’s music has become hugely popular with 200 million views of the #bridgertonmusical hashtag to date.

Now The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical concept album has dropped, available to download and stream on all digital platforms.

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The album features 15 original songs written by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, with vocals by Abigail Barlow and orchestrations and vocals by Emily Bear.

Mixed by Scott Smith, the full album is produced by Emily Bear, with Joris Hoogsteder co-producing If I Were A Man with Bear.

In addition to the upcoming album release, Barlow & Bear showcased the songs live at New York’s Elsie Fest on 29 August.

For more information about Barlow & Bear and The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical concept album, visit:

Full Tracklisting for The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical concept album:

“Tis The Season”
“Lady Whistledown”
“If I Were A Man”
“Penelope Featherington”
“The Ruse”
“Fool For You”
“Alone Together”
“Entertain Me”
“Friend Turned Foe”
“Burn For You”
“Worker Bee”
“Every Inch”
“Burned Me Instead”
“Balancing The Scales”
“Ocean Away”

Photo Credit: Igor Kasyanyuk / Artwork: Samantha Bates

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