A Map to You: An immersive experience inspired by the rich memories of those living with dementia

A Map To You

Four new short plays inspired by the memories of those living with dementia will be presented as part of a new immersive experience.

A Map to You from The Dot Collective runs at Longfield Hall in London from Wednesday, 27 October to Thursday, 4 November.


The venue will be transformed into an immersive experience of short plays inspired by vibrant life stories shared with playwrights by individuals and their families living with dementia through a series of online, creative storytelling workshops with a dementia peer group.

Written by Louise Coulthard (Cockamamy, Summerhall/The Hope Theatre), Laura Harling (founder of The Dot Collective; One Hundred Trillion, Old Vic Workrooms), Nicole Latchana (Arcola, The Bunker, The Southwark Playhouse) & A.C Smith (RSC, Bush Theatre, Soho Theatre, RADA) and the workshop participants from Link Age Southwark.

A Map to You brings rich memories to life through short, promenade plays as audiences are led through four different rooms. At the top of a precipice you can look out at The View by Laura Harling. Then, step into the shed for On the Go by Louise Coulthard. The common room will host Brushstrokes by Nicole Latchana and a quest will reveal Moon and Stars by A.C. Smith.

The Dot Collective provides sensory, reminiscent storytelling activities and workshops to create memory based, new short plays. A Map to You is a storytelling project that has connected families living with dementia to professional playwrights.

Spotlighting the person not the dementia, The Dot Collective raises awareness and reshapes the way we respond to the disease through theatre performance, while creating positive experiences for participants and allowing creativity and personality to thrive.

Tickets priced from £10 are available online from

Speaking of the work, Laura Harling, Producer/Writer/Director commented: “I feel guilty to call my work ‘work’ – it has been a privilege and nothing but joy to engage with the participants on A Map to You and hear their exciting and jam packed life stories! There’s so much detail!

“Dementia is a disease, but does not define the person – this production is about the person and despite the dementia, they can fill your day with vivid stories, and teach you a thing or two! I have learnt so much, like how rabbits have no nutritional value!”

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