New musical Tasting Notes to run at Southwark Playhouse this summer

tasting notes

New musical Tasting Notes is to run at London’s Southwark Playhouse this summer.

Written by Richard Baker and Charlie Ryall, the production will open on Wednesday 27 July and run to Saturday 27 August 2022.


The musical is set over one 24 hour period in a wine bar, telling the stories of those who visit and work at the venue.

Directed by Shelley Williams, the full creative team includes musical director Richard Baker, set designer Justin Williams, lighting designer Alex Musgrave, production manager Laurel Marks and artwork by DeskTidy. The musical is produced by Caroheda Productions Ltd.

LJ’s tired. She loves her bar, which is lucky because she practically lives there these days, but what if this is it? What if the wine bar is all there is, and all there ever will be, for her?

Maggie’s sick of working in hospitality. Endlessly going through the motions, day after day, in a job she’s over-qualified for but couldn’t care less about.

Joe is tormented by his memories. Thank goodness LJ’s is there, just round the corner, for him to seek solace at the bottom of a bottle.

George is just fine, thank you very much. He’s living his best life. He is, shut up.

Eszter is… megküzdése. How do you say in English? She’s coping.

And Oliver… well. He’s worried about his cat. If only humans could be a bit more like animals, life would be so much easier.

If you could see one day played out in the lives of several different people, all from inside their heads, would everything be the same? During a seemingly normal 24 hours, Tasting Notes, a new musical by Richard Baker and Charlie Ryall, highlights the things we don’t see when we’re not looking. Join us as we dip into the life of a wine bar; the people who serve us, the people who drink and the people we meet on our way to wherever we’re going.

Fancy a glass? Meet you at LJ’s.

Casting is to be announced.

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Take a first listen to the musical in the video below…

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