Watch a first look at new musical Kin ahead of world premiere at The Other Palace

kin musical

Watch a first look at new British musical Kin ahead of its world premiere at The Other Palace.

The new musical will debut with a concert production in London on Sunday, 22 May 2022.


Featuring on the cast will be Joseph Peacock who is currently playing Donny in the UK tour of the Osmond Musical.

The new musical, inspired by real life events that took place in 80’s America, is described as “Stranger Things meets Blood Brothers meets Hadestown”.

The musical is written by Emil Dale with music by Stefan Kelk. The company manager is Beatrice Pryor and dramaturg is Sarah Middleton.

You can watch a first video of the opening below…

Noah, a skilled rock climber, is broken & physically scarred after a tragic accident but Ashville, the small southern American town he lives in, has other problems!

The Kin, a controversial community attracting people from all over the world, has purchased an old ranch in the little town, causing unthinkable conflict with the townsfolk. Misfit Noah, the mayor’s son, desperate to prove himself to his father, is forced to take matters into his own hands and save the town from disaster.

Noah climbs down the side of the cliff, the only entrance (this will look epic live on stage) and secretly joins the community. What Noah doesn’t know, is that Cora, a Kinsperson, is going to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And what neither of them know, is that they are going to change each other’s lives forever.

Emil Dale said: “Someone told me I couldn’t… is the simple answer! Honestly, I’ve never felt like I really fit in with creatives in the theatre community in Britain.

“Unless you are one of the big dogs, you are just someone looking in on it, never with a chance of really being part of it, so I thought I’d make my own world & that’s what I’ve been doing since I graduated.”

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