New Diorama Theatre announces new autumn season with no shows programmed

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New Diorama Theatre has announced a new autumn season with no shows programmed.

Described as their “most radical project yet”, New Diorama Theatre will present ‘Intervention 01’ as they invest £250,00 in developing a new slate of bold, risk-taking work.


With no public programme for the rest of the year, NDT will also go dark across all social media until 2023.

‘Intervention 01’ will call together the UK’s most exciting independent theatre companies to develop a bold slate of ambitious, risk-taking work.

Aiming to break the current norm in short-term programming and artist development cycles, NDT has raised over £250,000 for artistic dreamtime, creative and production support, and funded R&D projects for 15 companies to take part – relieved of pressure for programming or immediate outcomes.

NDT Artistic Director David Byrne said: “Post-pandemic, we promised to listen more and do better. The sheer catalytic energy required to ‘bring theatre back’ has left artists on the brink of burn-out and exhaustion.

“So New Diorama is going to do the most radical thing we can imagine: stop. Marking a once-in-a-generation moment, we’ll work behind the scenes to return in 2023 with a renewed artistic vision, a re-energised artist family, and our boldest ever slate of work.”

NDT Executive Director Will Young added: “Having fought so hard to survive lockdowns, we need to go beyond recovery to a greater ambition: re-inspiring audiences and reminding them why theatre is essential to our lives.

“NDT has some of the best audiences in London, those most energised by new talent and bold ideas, so we know they’ll bear with us during this temporary closure, and be ready for us on the other side.”

For more information on the announcement, artistic mission statement, and more detail on how artists can get involved, visit

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