Lady Gaga wants to write and star in her own Broadway musical

lady gaga

Lady Gaga has revealed hopes to write and star in her own Broadway musical.

The singer and actress has said she’d love to write her first stage musical having always had a passion for musical theatre.


In an interview for Variety for new movie House of Gucci, Gaga teased her potential next project.

She shared of making the move to Broadway: “There are so many amazing musicals, but I love writing music. I love musical theater, and I know a lot about musical theater, and I know a lot about music. So I think I would really enjoy the process of creating a musical. I’ve thought about it for a really long time.”

Gaga went on to speak about her admiration for Elton John and The Lion King as well as her other favourite musicals.

“I love Godspell. I love all of Stephen Sondheim’s musicals,” Gaga enthused. “I love Guys & Dolls. I love Frank Loesser’s work. I could go on and on … I just recently saw tick, tick…BOOM! Amazing. I’m so excited for West Side Story. It’s just so exciting. It’s just… beautiful.”

While Broadway would be a first for Lady Gaga she is no stranger to musicals on screen having won an Oscar for the song Shallow from A Star Is Born, which she also starred in.

As for what we can expect from a Lady Gaga stage musical, we’ll have to wait and see for now!

You can watch her full chat with Variety below…

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