Broadway extends shutdown with all productions closed until 2021


All Broadway productions in New York have been cancelled until at least January 3, 2021.

The shut down as a result of the ongoing global health crisis was first put in place on March 12.


Charlotte St. Martin, President of the Broadway League, said in a statement: "Our membership is working closely with the theatrical unions and in concert with key experts and some of the greatest minds inside and outside of the industry to explore protocols for all aspects of reopening.

"We are focused on identifying and implementing necessary measures that will enable us to resume performances safely for Broadway audiences and employees."

She added: “We are determined to bring back the people who rely on this industry for their livelihood, and to welcome back all those who love this vital part of New York City, as soon as it is safe to do so.

"As so many of us in the Broadway community have been saying during this time, we'll be back, and we have so many more stories to tell."

The shutdown has already severely impacted numerous new and ongoing shows, with the original closure coming on the evening of SIX The Musical's opening night in New York.

Both Frozen and Beetlejuice have closed during the lockdown while upcoming productions including Flying Over Sunset, Caroline, or Change and The Music Man have been postponed.

Writing in the New York Post, theatre critic and columnist Michael Riedel speculated that many other productions are "likely to close and never return".

These could even include Broadway's longest running show, The Phantom of the Opera, which draws heavily on foreign tourism.

Here in the UK, theatres are currently closed until August 2.

PICTURE: Photo by Sudan Ouyang

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