Catfish The Musical concert to stream online - get tickets now!

catfish musical

A filmed version of Catfish The Musical's recent outdoor concert is to stream online.

The hit new British musical will be available to watch online on 31 October and 1 November.


The concert, captured at the Turbine Theatre in September, will stream online for three performances at 7:30PM on Saturday, 31 October and 2:30PM and 7:30PM on Sunday, 1 November.

Tickets are available online here via with a donation from ticket sales going to support Industry Minds.

Catfish has music, lyrics and book by Willy Mukendi and music and lyrics by Joseph Purdue.

A synopsis of the show shares: "This fan-favourite, dark-comedy explores online dating and the highs and lows of internet connection. The story follows the lives of the four quirky millennials DD, Alex, Will and Jackson.

"After Jackson is convinced to join a new dating app, where profile photos are anonymous and names are secreted he is instantly matched to the extroverted, out and proud, lesbian Jessica. He soon realises Jessica believes him to be a girl, confirmed by a mistake on his profiles gender setting. He has the power to clear up his honest mistake or play a game..."

The cast features Harry Simpson as Jackson, Jamie O'Leary as Alex, Georgia Jade as DD, Jackie Pulford as Mother, Emily Badger as Jessica, Joseph Riley as Will and Olivia Hallett as GIRL #1.

Making up the ensemble are Daniel Steven Walford, Joseph Dennington, Olivia Lawrence, Sophie Hughes, Kingsley De Costa, Zac Hanlon, Tamara Morgan, Laura Vyas, Saskia Marks, Emily Dawson, Bernard Caimoy-Cran and Daniel N’Guessan-Lopez.