New play Abigail, inspired by the Salem Witch Trials, to run in London and online this May

Abigail play

A new play inspired by the Salem Witch Trials will premiere in London and online this May.

Female-led theatre company Fury Theatre will present Abigail in person at The Space Theatre from 3 – 7 May 2022. There will be a livestream performance on 5 May with the play available to watch online on demand for 30 days afterwards.


Abigail is written by Laura Turner and Stephen Gillard, who also directs.

Abigail brings to the stage the untold story of the true-life character of Abigail Williams. The accuser, running from the Salem Witch Trials; a young woman, dismissed by history, lost in a world she cannot comprehend.

This piece puts Abigail herself, and not the events of the Salem Witch Trials, at the heart of the drama, exploring the emotional and psychological effects an event such as Salem may have had on a young, vulnerable woman.

The play is set in Massachusetts in 1692, but this isn’t the staid, inaccessible story of the history books. This is a world that is alive with music, passion, danger and deceit. Abigail will fall into the traps of this world, but she will also revel in its decadence, debauchery and excess.

Arriving in Boston to start a new life, Abigail falls in love with prostitute, Milly. But their class divide forces Abigail to confront her privilege as a white woman and her miss-treatment of Afro-Caribbean slave, Tituba, in Salem. After a violent, abusive, attack Abigail must choose to make a stand for herself, for Milly and for all women.

Set in 1696, ABIGAIL uses the past to expose how our system still fails to protect vulnerable women today. Exploring exploitation, privilege (race/gender/class) and the female bisexual experience.

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