Cast announced for Zoe Cooper's new play The Flock at Chichester Festival Theatre

The Flock. Photo: Bob King Creative

Casting has been announced for Zoe Cooper’s new play The Flock at Chichester Festival Theatre.

The piece will hold its world premiere at the venue’s Minerva Theatre between 6 – 28 August


Stacy Abalogun (Hannah), Samuel Barnett (Simon), Selina Cadell (Patricia), Nick Fletcher (Rory), Victoria John (Fin) and Libby Mai (Erin) will appear on the cast of the show, which is directed by Guy Jones.

The parishioners of All Hallows Church are putting on a production of Noah’s Ark, one of a cycle of mystery plays performed by all the local parishes. The Bishop is hopeful the project will help paper over the cracks revealed by an unfortunate incident involving an evangelical, a glass of wine and an angry liberal.

Rory, All Hallows’ vicar, wants to keep a low profile, and his partner Simon is happy to provide musical accompaniment but would rather he wasn’t given any lines, thank you very much.

The congregation, however, have other plans. For Patricia, the show is an opportunity to show off the church’s artistic talents, while the curate, Hannah, hopes it will give her a chance to get to know the parishioners better. Meanwhile, Fin becomes ever more infuriated at Rory’s hands-off approach and teenager Erin just hopes that this is a family where she might find a home.

Above all, Rory wants to keep the ship – and his relationship – afloat. Can this battered vessel still offer its clergy and congregation sanctuary in the storm?

Compassionate and funny, The Flock depicts the bumpy road to inclusion for this community, asking how we can live and worship alongside one another when our differences are so marked. How do we remain together when we’re so far apart?

The Flock will be designed by Natasha Jenkins, with lighting by Zoe Spurr, sound design by Alexandra Faye Braithwaite, musical direction and musical arrangements by Tom Brady, movement by Chi-San Howard and casting by Charlotte Sutton.

Tickets are priced from £20 and available at with one socially distanced performance forming part of the run.

Picture: Bob King Creative

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