Space Station Earth concert comes to Royal Albert Hall as part of a European tour

space station earth concert

Space Station Earth concert will play at London’s Royal Albert Hall in May 2022 as part of a European tour.

Created by award winning composer Ilan Eshkeri, Space Station Earth is a music-led, multi-media experience that allows the audience to see through the eyes of astronauts and to contemplate our planet, the stars, and the exploration of the universe.


Featuring no dialogue or narration, audiences can expect to lose themselves in the extraordinary visuals and emotionally charged music and leave filled with awe and wonder.

The epic concert will play at Royal Albert Hall on 15 May 2022 with more information and tickets available online from

The live performance takes audiences as close as possible to the unique world experienced by astronauts. In Space Station Earth, award-winning composer and show creator Ilan Eshkeri has combined his exceptional compositions with film from astronauts aboard the ISS as well as images from European Space Agency locations that have been filmed with unprecedented access and cutting-edge techniques. This mostly never-before-seen footage will be projected across three massive screens with a light show to create an incredible experience.

Humanity has long been fascinated by the universe beyond our planet. The few people that have experienced a voyage into space often express a similar sensation: the realisation that we are all travelling together through space and time on our own space station called Earth.

Creator Ilan Eshkeri said: “My music has taken to me to many unexpected and extraordinary places, but when Astronaut Tim Peake got in touch to say he was a fan of my work a door was opened to one of the most amazing and inspiring journeys of my life, the result of which is Space Station Earth.

“There are so many facts and figures about travelling to the International Space Station, but no one has ever told the emotional journey that astronauts go on. A journey that has startlingly similar experiences for astronauts from all corners of the world, and it was this realisation that inspired me to create Space Station Earth.”

ESA astronaut Tim Peake, who will take part in a pre-show Q&A at the Royal Albert Hall, said of Space Station Earth: “There aren’t many words that can truly describe the beauty of seeing Earth from space. But Space Station Earth attempts to do this, using music and video, to capture the emotion of human spaceflight and exploration.

“Featuring previously unreleased footage from ESA astronauts and accompanied by a live orchestra, the show creates a unique experience, one that that celebrates space and unites the audience, just as exploration unites humankind.”

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