Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd to tour UK this autumn

Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd

Miss Marple returns to the stage with a new tour of Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Crack’d.

A brand new production of Rachel Wagstaff’s acclaimed adaptation by the award-winning Original Theatre Company will open in Eastbourne in September.


The Mirror Crack’d will star Susie Blake as Miss Marple, with further casting to be announced.

Susie Blake said: “Playing Miss Marple is every actor’s dream over the age of 50. To play a bright, independent, older woman is surprising and exciting for the period it was written in as well as in our society today.”

In 1960s England, a wind of change is blowing through the land. It has even reached the sleepy village of St Mary Mead. There’s a new housing estate, which alarms the villagers as much as it intrigues them and, even more unsettling, a rich American film star has bought the manor house.

Jane Marple, confined to a chair after an accident, is wondering if life has passed her by. Then there is a shocking murder, and Miss Marple must unravel a web of lies, danger and tragedy. This adaptation of Agatha Christie’s famous novel brings real emotional depth and psychological insight to a thrilling story of secrets, loss and revenge that we all hide.

The production will be directed by Philip Franks (Barnes’ People, The Haunting of Alice Bowles, The Habit of Art, The Croft and A Cold Supper Behind Harrods) and designed by Adrian Linford, with lighting design by Emma Chapman, sound design by Max Pappenheim and casting by Ellie Collyer-Bristow CDG.

Director Philip Franks said: “Rachel Wagstaff’s new version of Agatha Christie’s fascinating mystery has real heart and depth as well as tension. It’s witty, exciting, fresh and surprising.”

Rachel Wagstaff added: “I am so excited to be working with The Original Theatre Company on this new production of The Mirror Crack’d, a fascinating mystery, packed with a rich constellation of characters, all struggling with loneliness and the long shadows cast by grief.

“I have always loved Miss Marple’s wry observations about human nature and her desire to put the world quietly to rights, so it’s a pleasure to welcome back the acclaimed and wonderful Susie Blake to play the role of Jane Marple.”

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