Watch Six The Musical's new cast in their very first Megasix!

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Watch Six The Musical’s brand new cast in their very first Megasix!

This week the West End production of the hit musical welcomed a brand new line up of Queens to the Vaudeville Theatre.


The new cast features Amy Di Bartolomeo as Catherine of Aragon, Amanda Lindgren as Anne Boleyn, Claudia Kariuki as Jane Seymour, Dionne Ward-Anderson as Anna of Cleves, Tsemaye Bob-Egbe as Katherine Howard and Meesha Turner as Catherine Parr.

You can watch them in their first Megasix encore performance from tonight’s show (16 November) below…

Also joining the West End cast are a new team of alternates and swings: Paisley Billings (alternate Catherine of Aragon and Anna of Cleves), Roxanne Couch (alternate Jane Seymour and Katherine Parr), Danielle Rose (alternate Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard), Rachel Rawlinson (swing) and Esme Rothero (swing and dance captain).

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The show’s previous cast said goodbye on Sunday night as Jarneia Richard-Noel, Courtney Bowman, Natalie Paris, Alexia McIntosh, Sophie Isaacs and Danielle Steers said their goodbyes. It was particularly emotional for Richard-Noel, Paris and McIntosh who had been with the production since its 2018 premiere.

They were joined by alternates Zara MacIntosh, Cherelle Jay, Hana Stewart, Collette Guitart, Bryony Duncan.

Six is playing at the Vaudeville Theatre, currently booking at the venue to 1 May 2022 as a part of an open-ended run.

The multi-award winning Six The Musical turns Tudor queens into pop princesses as 500 years of historical heartbreak becomes an hour of 21st century sass.

Alongside the West End production, the show is also currently on a UK tour with dates into 2023. A Broadway production also recently opened.

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