Deli Segal's one woman show Pickle to run at London's Park Theatre in May


New one woman show Pickle from Deli Segal will run at London’s Park Theatre in May.

The 60-minute play is written and performed by Deli Segal (Ali & Dahlia, Pleasance Theatre), produced by Tanya Truman and directed by Kayla Feldman.


The show will run at the Park Theatre from 2 – 7 May 2022 as part of the ‘Come What May’ festival.

Here’s the shtick: Pickle is a darkly comic one-woman show about a Jewish woman caught between two conflicting worlds.

Pickle brings a band of Jewish women together as an authentic creative team to explore what it means to be a young Jewish woman in London today.

It tells the story of Ari: Jewish, still living at home with her parents in North-West London and struggling through life in a secular world. But can she get the voice of Jewish guilt out of her head?

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Deli Segal, writer and star of Pickle, said: “Pickle is all about one woman’s experience of reconciling belief and tradition with change.

“I wanted to tell a story that explores being in the middle of both worlds and celebrates the parts that fit together, and those that don’t. The vibrancy, the spirit, the richness of culture, the humour of Jewish life – those things often get lost in the conversation. Pickle brings them all to the stage.”

Producer Tanya Truman added: “I was so drawn to this story, as a young, Jewish woman – this piece really spoke to me and had me laughing immediately. I can’t wait to get the show in front of an audience and am really excited about its future.”

Come What May Festival is a new festival presenting 16 shows over four weeks (2 – 28 May). Created in response to the cancellation of VAULT Festival 2022, it offers space to over 50 practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and at all stages of their careers.

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