Yeast Nation musical offers free front row tickets for anyone named Jan

yeast nation musical

The upcoming production of musical Yeast Nation: The Triumph of Life has announced a ticket offer like no other.

The show will have its European premiere at London’s Southwark Playhouse this summer.


To celebrate the run of the primordial bio-historical musical comedy all about Yeast, producers are giving away free front row tickets.

The catch? You (or your friend) must be called Jan.

The production shares: “The Office of National Statistics records show no names beginning with JAN have featured in the top 100 names of new babies for many years now, and as a show featuring a cast of characters exclusively called Jan Yeast Nation is concerned they aren’t getting the love and respect they need to thrive – and thus the National Campaign for the Protection of Jans was born.

“Yeast Nation: The Triumph of Life is a black comedy musical from the writers of Urinetown set in the brine of the primordial soup over 3 and a half billion years ago amongst the original colony of salt-eating Yeast – all of whom are called Jan.

“As a form of homage to our very first ancestors, and as a way to highlight the national shortage of Jans the UK is currently facing, the company is offering complimentary tickets to anyone who can prove their name is Jan, so that they may take their rightful place as “Jan the Real” beside the other yeast on stage during each performance.”

Director Benji Sperring said: “We have now categorically determined – through extensive research into biology, organic chemistry, and pseudo-historical Musical Theatre – that the first Yeast to start on the journey towards life as we know it was called Jan.

“Knowing this, the company of Yeast Nation are keen to preserve as many Jans as possible to show due respect and reverence to the initial yeast to grace the earth and its legacy.

“Therefore, we welcome any and all Jans (or Jan derivatives; we’re looking at you, Janets, Janices and Janines) to take up the (complimentary) seat of honour in every performance of the show and become “Jan-the-Real”, highlighting just how far we have come since the dawn of time and existence itself. Long Live The Jans (and Long Live Jan-the-Friend-of-Jan-the-Real, who also gets a free seat too)!”

To claim a pair of tickets, visit the Southwark Playhouse website where you can provide evidence of your name (Passport, Driving Licence, Tesco Clubcard etc).

Only one member of the pair need be called Jan and the offer is limited to two front row tickets per performance allocated on a first come first served basis.

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