The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe announces West End cast

Samantha Womack lion witch wardrobe cast tour

Casting has been announced for The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe in the West End!

Fresh from a recent tour, the stage adaptation of C S Lewis’ iconic book will transfer to London’s Gillian Lynne Theatre on 18 July 2022, running to 8 January 2023


It was previously announced that Samantha Womack would lead the cast as the White Witch.

Joining her are Ammar Duffus as Peter, Shaka Kalokoh as Edmund, Robyn Sinclair as Susan, Delainey Hayles as Lucy.

Also on the cast are Scott Brooks (Mr Pope and Fox Trot), Rachel Dawson (Miss Chutney, Blue Badger and Spirit of the Moon), Oliver Grant (Mr Wilson, Schrodinger, Red Squirrel, Head Cruel, Aslan Puppeteer and Resident Director), Chris Jared as Aslan, Matthew James Hinchliffe (Mr Marsden, Mauve Mole and Music Captain), Shaun McCourt (Mr Granville, Jack Rabbit, Aslan Puppeteer and Puppet Captain), Christina Tedders (Mrs Beaver), Jez Unwin (Mr Tumnus), Johnson Willis (Professor Kirk, Father Christmas, Wise Owl and White Mouse), Myla Carmen (Swing), Jasmin Colangelo (Swing/ Dance Captain), Julian Hoult (Mr Beaver), Ashlee Irish (Swing), Sean Lopeman (Mr Brinkworth, March Hare, Aslan Puppeteer), Micha Richardson (Mrs Pevensie and Robin), Ciaran Roger (Swing) and Charlotte-Kate Warren (Miss Gumley Warmly and Phoenix).

The roles of Maugrim, Solider, Satyr and White Stag are still to be cast.

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Step through the wardrobe into the enchanted kingdom of Narnia. Join Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter as they wave goodbye to wartime Britain and embark on the most magical of adventures in a frozen, faraway land where they meet a Faun, talking Beavers, Aslan, the noble king of Narnia, and the coldest, most evil White Witch.

Director Michael Fentiman said: “I’m delighted to be bringing our production of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe to the Gillian Lynne Theatre. The production celebrates the magic of live theatre and is led by a multi-talented cast of actors, singers, musicians, dancers and puppeteers; it is a celebration of the possibilities of the collective imagination and the boundless wonders of individual skill.

“This story, about a community battling hardship in the darkest of winters, who together find freedom again in the light of summer, couldn’t be more pertinent for these times.”

The production is based on Sally Cookson’s initial production at Leeds Playhouse and the Bridge Theatre.

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